Thursday, October 8, 2015

Adelaide in Autumn

August saw me head down to Adelaide again for my annual trip to the Australian Costumers Guild ball (which you can read about on my costuming blog here). But while it is the main reason for my trip, I certainly try to see the sights and do interesting things while I am there. And there are a few.

This year, I made a point to visit the Hello Kitty Café. It’s the only one in Australia and opened late last year. I just couldn’t resist visiting while I was in town. It’s a little hard to find and trust me when I say google maps don’t make it easy. But, it is essentially on the very edge of the large permanent markets in Adelaide City. So while it took us a while to find, it was well worth it. The café is beautifully styled in brown and yellow – quite paired back for what you would think Hello Kitty would normally be. But like all theme café’s, everything is themed. I think the photos speak for themselves as to how pretty it is inside. I loved it! And the food. Definitely worth it. I had a dark hot chocolate which was the most delicious thing ever (not too sweet), a dark chocolate mousse (because it is hello kitty shaped) and matcha sponge gateau (reminiscing over the many delicious matcha flavoured foods in Japan).

Afterwards, we wandered around the markets and stocked up on delicious cheeses. My family are very dedicated to cheese so it was incredible to see so many options available. I just wish there was something like this whole area close to my home back in Brisbane. It was amazing. Everything that you could want to stock up on for your weekly menu – cheeses, breads, meats, fish, bakery items, fruit and veggies as well as many specialty items. I am very jealous. We also found the most inviting Italian café / restaurant inside the market area where we decided to stop for lunch. I was still full from my Hello Kitty experience so opted to share a dish. And the gnocchi fiend that I am could not pass up freshly made Italian gnocchi. Beautiful little pillows of potatoey heaven on a plate.

We also stopped at the Vintage Market across the road which has a huge range of items. It made me wish I was driving back to Brisbane so that I could stock up on pretties and load them home with me. Instead I just purchased a tea trio which I very carefully loaded into my carry-on luggage and a couple of vintage hats from the 1960s, including a turquoise one which just so happens to match my hair.

On Sunday, we decided to trip on up to Hahdorf again. It was mostly at my own urging because I really wanted to visit the Berenberg Farm again and stock up my carry-on luggage with delicious jams, chutneys and dressings. Believe you me, when I say that I stocked up good.

We then spent the remainder of the morning in the beautiful German town Hahndorf. I wrote quite a bit last year about my visit there, so I tried to capture things a bit differently this time. There are many little stores along the main street each with a very German vibe. The town was settled by German immigrants originally and I love that it has managed to maintain its German charm. If you like poking into little shops to while away your day, then Hahndorf is definitely for you. But just remember to wear your eating pants. There are so many beautiful little restaurants and café’s offering a taste of Germany.

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